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About Us- Zeddsaver


To be your trusted supplier of brand new, NOS, and newly restored parts for your cherished and prized Datsun or Nissan Z car. From the 240z through to the 280z, we want to provide you with the parts that are no longer available anywhere else. We are often able to find obscure parts that are available in very limited supply, or no longer available (NLA). Please inquire for additional parts not currently listed on the web site.

What to Know About Us?

The Quality Speaks For Itself

Our business has been built on customer service and satisfaction. We constantly strive for excellence in our products, restorations, and services. We are very enthusiastic all the while we impart valuable insight into getting your Z car project to the highest of quality. We care about your project as much as we care about our own. With Zeddsaver Z Parts, Restoration & Metal Finishing, “The Quality Speaks For Itself”.

Although there are no prices listed on the website at this current time, any prices given, emailed or otherwise stated, are subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions are excluded. Core charges will be applied if one is not provided, or where it does not meet Zeddsaver's requirements.


Quality Products

The products that are presented on this website are of superior quality to anything currently available on the market. Where possible, we insist on using genuine Nissan Motor Company parts, however, we also provide many reproduction parts that are NLA, or No Longer Available from Nissan.

Quality Services

Our professionally rebuilt carburetors are hand polished on the inside and fully restored to factory specifications. Unlike the other guys, no tumbling or machinery has been used in rebuilding them, and all parts on these carburetors are from genuine Nissan.

The cadmium plating has been professionally done and is inspected before installation. Our cadmium plating has won several awards at Z car conventions. Powder coated heat shields and air cleaner housings will withstand heat and will not crack, peel or blister within the engine bay of the Z car.

The plating service that Zeddsaver provides is reasonably priced and is guaranteed to meet our customer's highest expectations. We are experts on the Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z, but we can provide plating for any make or model car.

Our products will make your car stand out in any car show in the world!

The intake manifolds that are provided on this website have all been professionally rebuilt and cover from 1969 to 1974. In addition to having emissions intake manifolds, non-emission intake manifolds are also available.

All the emissions devices are at additional cost.

A core charge will be applied on an exchange basis and product must be in rebuildable condition.