Datsun Parts Sourcing and Restoration Services

Supplying a Core

When Nissan discontinued new parts, it will be necessary to charge a core charge even on new parts because they can not be replaced. This helps ensure availability of these items. Read more..

 **All Core charges will not be refunded if the Core is received by Zeddsaver after 30 working days.

Cadmium Plating at its best...

The cadmium plating that is provided is of a superior quality to the plating provided in the market. Each piece is placed through a process of 16 tanks of both cleaning and plating to ensure an outstanding finish. The cadmium plating process will extend the life of the parts on your car, and can be done in either a clear finish or a gold finish.

Cadmium Plating
Cadmium Plating Process

These types of plating is used throughout the Z car, and are true, factory correct finishes.

The Plating Process

Each part that is restored is meticulously cleaned in a three-stage process before plating. This gives the final product a "like new", pristine appearance.

  • The first step for each part is an individual hand cleaning.
  • In the second step the parts are then cleaned microscopically using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove even the smallest of particles.
  • A visual inspection is then performed to ensure that the pieces are ready for the final step of either cadmium or zinc plating.


Restored Parts Before Cadmium Plating Process


Restored Parts after Cadmium Plating Process
Restored parts before plating
restored and plated parts

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Zinc Plating

The clear Zinc or 'silver' plating was used on several pieces of hardware from the Nissan factory, such as hose clamps, door latch hardware, and other applications within the rear hatch and interior areas. The clear silver plating that is provided from Zeddsaver, is guaranteed to make the part look new.


Zinc plating process


Before Zinc Plating Process

Restored and Plated

After Zinc Plating Process

Black Magnesium Plating

There were certain types of bolt-on hardware that were installed on both the interior and exterior of the Datsun 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z. Zeddsaver has sourced out or has brand new hardware for these applications, such as seat belts, sun visor brackets etc.                      

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Powder coating - Paint your Z parts to last a lifetime...

Powder coating is superior to conventional paint. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, and will not crack peel or blister within the engine bay. Powder coating is ten times thicker than conventional paint and promotes better air flow to your carbs. Each piece is professionally cleaned and then powder coated to better than factory specifications.

Each air cleaner comes with new weather stripping. Each heat shield is finished in a clean coat silver and will repel high temperatures from the exhaust manifold. This process is performed over zinc plating or ceramic coating.

When you want to powder coat your chassis or any part for that matter, it is necessary to completely strip, bead blast or otherwise remove any residual paint or primer from the surface. Powder coating is an electro-static process and bare metal is mandatory.

With chassis parts it is recommended to use a clear coat for added protection. Painting with polyesters offers one hundred times the salt resistance than conventional enamel. That's more than reason enough to have it done. Media bead blasting or sand-blasting can be done by Zeddsaver if required.

Other color choices customers requested...

• Gloss Black - Chassis

• Semi-Gloss Black -Steering Column Support

• Gunmetal Grey - Heat Shields

• Flat Black - Seat Rail Slide Mechanisms

• Bright Silver - Heat Shields

• Turquoise - Engine Bracket, Alternator Bar

• Clear Coating - Front & Rear Crossmembers

• Charcoal Grey - Rear tail light panels, Front grille, Original stock hubcaps

Our specialty is restoration...

At Zeddsaver, we specialize in the restoration, remanufacturing and rebuilding of components that are installed on to your Z car. The restoration of each component is done to concours specifications.

Each component is professionally cleaned before the restoration process begins so that the part can be determined to be in restorable condition. The component can only be restored back to factory condition if there is no excess pitting or corrosion which will stand out after the piece is restored.

There will be a core charge applied if your component is not in a restorable condition. Zeddsaver will provide you, the Z car owner, with the best parts and restoration services in the Z car industry.

Please do not glass bead your components before you ship them to us. Place your components in zip lock bags when you ship them so that they can be easily identified when they arrive at Zeddsaver.

Our motto at Zeddsaver is “Where the Quality Speaks for Itself!” and we stand behind it no matter how small the component is and handle it so that it is finished like New.

Parts Sourcing 

Zeddsaver is not limited to just locating hard-to-find 240Z parts. We are able to source any Datsun part for any model you may be restoring. From Datsun 510's to Roadsters we can find it for you. Simply make your request, and we will make every effort to locate your parts for you.

As parts from Nissan are becoming scarcer, we at Zeddsaver have come to appreciate obtaining true factory correct parts. However, we are also at the forefront in creating quality reproduction parts such as emission labels, engine I.D. plates and more.

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We at Zeddsaver, are also strong advocates of recycling and restoring your old parts. With our plating and finishing expertise, it is truly amazing how we can bring old parts back to life and looking like new again. A true restoration involves more than just obtaining new parts for your car.

Please keep in mind that the better the condition of your supplied part, the better the end result will be. Do not sandblast parts that are to be plated. Please email us your request or your special requirement, and we will try and make it happen for you.