Supplying a Core for Datsun Z

When Nissan discontinued new parts, it will be necessary to charge a CORE CHARGE even on new parts because they can not be replaced. This helps ensure availability of these items.

Core charges are priced to make sure that parts are returned.

The core item must be received by Zeddsaver before the customer's parts can be shipped.

  • All core parts must be in rebuildable condition with no parts missing or damaged.
  • All core parts must not be covered in grease, oil, or dirt.
  • All core parts must have limited amount of rust and be in a condition that allows for restoration.
  • All core shipping charges must be paid by the customer along with any brokerage or customs fees paid by Zeddsaver when this core item is received.

**All Core charges will not be refunded if the Core is received by Zeddsaver after 30 working days.