Datsun Z Restoration

Zeddsaver is your Datsun restoration shop that specializes in the restoration, remanufacturing and rebuilding of components installed onto your Z car.

Datsun Z Restoration Process

The restoration of each component is done to concour specifications. Each component is professionally cleaned before the restoration process begins so that the part can be determined to be in restorable condition. The component can only be restored back to factory condition if there is no excess pitting or corrosion which will stand out after the piece is restored.

There will be a core charge applied if your component is not in a restorable condition. Zeddsaver will provide you, the Z car owner, with the best parts and restoration services in the Z car industry.


Carburetor Before Restoration 




Carburetors After Restoration


Carburetors after restoration

Carburetor after restoration

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How to Ship Your Datsun Z Part?

Please do not glass beads your components before you ship them to us. Place your components in zip lock bags when you ship them so that they can be easily identified when they arrive at Zeddsaver.

Our motto at Zeddsaver is “Where the Quality Speaks for Itself!” and we stand behind it no matter how small the component is and handle it so that it is finished like New.


Restored Parts for Z Car

Datsun 240z Heater

Datsun 240z Heater Front View
Datsun 240z Heater Side View 2

Datsun 240z Door Opening Mechanism Parts

Datsun 240z Door Opening Mechanism Frontside

Datsun 240z Door Opening Mechanism


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Datsun 280z Fuel Injection Rail & Inspection Light

Datsun 280z Fuel Injection Rail
Datsun Inspection Light